psyclisten ...



psyclisten - a minimal PSYC server that receives messages


 psyclisten [<options>]

Options: -x Use notify-send to inform an X11 user -n Do not store large messages in file dumps -d Debug: output a raw format -b <uniform> PSYC address to bind to -h Output this usage help message -q Be more quiet


This tool binds to a PSYC address, then receives messages using the PSYC syntax. You can use tools like psycmsg to generate such messages, or simply use /msg or /talk from a psyced server.

Forwarding messages to the desktop

With the -x option, the notify-send command is used to forward conversational messages to the desktop. So you can have a psyclisten run as a daemon.

Receiving file transfers

Currently file transfers aren't implemented as such, but, unless option -n has been provided, any data content exceeding a certain limit is stored into a file in the current directory. You can launch a file transfer using psyccat.


As long as Net::PSYC does not provide any encryption, you should use this within a trustworthy local network or as a localhost service.


carlo von lynX.


This program is free software, published under the Affero GNU Public License. A disclaimer isn't necessary in my country, nor do I need to mention the current year to assert a copyright.

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