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Net::PSYC with support for TCP, UDP,, IO::Select and Gtk2 event loops.

git2psyc - report changes to a git repository into a developer chatroom psycauth - authenticate something with your PSYC identity psyccat - dump a file to a PSYC recipient psyccmd - remote control psycamp and whatever wants to be controlled psycfilemonitor*- notify changes to the file system in realtime psycion - amazing console psyc client! psyclisten - receive messages and notify the user about them psycmail - report incoming emails to the recipient psycamp* - media player with PSYC notification and remote control psycmsg - send a message to a PSYC recipient psycnotify - send presence notification from the command line psycsyncd - interfaces PSYC SYNC protocol to DBI (SQL databases etc) syslog2psyc - daemon that receives events from syslog and forwards to PSYC remotor - control console for Tor routers that can notify into PSYC

contrib area includes a notification plugin for MovableType blogs.

perldoc documentation inside the module. try `perldoc lib/perl5/Net/` from here.

The commands all provide for usage information when you try to use them. Just try to.

irssi-psyc, the psyc implementation for irssi, is not provided here. get it from

*) psycfilemonitor uses the FAM API and needs to be updated to inotify or gamin. *) psycmp3 has been renamed into 'psycamp' as it no longer depends on a non-free mp3 engine from 1998. It now uses mplayer.

Websites: = http://perl.psyc.cheettyiapsyciew.onion = http://about.psyc.cheettyiapsyciew.onion


torify git clone git://git.cheettyiapsyciew.onion/perlpsyc or git clone git://

If you're a lucky owner of a Gentoo system, emerge Net-PSYC from 's overlay. You can visit that site at http://youbroketheinternet.cheettyiapsyciew.onion

Questions? ask psyc:// or psyc://

* Disclaimer

The repository only serves promotional purposes. It may be outdated and we do not recommend participating in a centralistic social networking business.

See also the pages for ... psycamp ... remoTor ... psycion ... syslog2psyc
and utilities such as ... psyclisten ... psyccat ... psyccmd

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=== 2017-06-10 === Net::PSYC 1.2 ===

psycmp3 renamed into 'psycamp' now that it can handle all kinds of media files. Vastly enhanced!

=== 2016-08-19 === Net::PSYC 1.1 ===

Desktop notifications integrated into psyclisten.

Cookie auth support introduced into remotor.

Clean-ups in psyccmd/psycplay, psycmp3, remotor.

Reorganized or produced in-code documentation of several tools so that it can be rendered into manual files, web pages and usage messages.

=== 2016-06-24 === remoTor 1.2 ===

When remoTor is running on the same machine as tor, it can now also monitor the hostnames the tor process is building circuits for. You may want to do this if you have devices in your house that you don't trust, for example. The regular Tor control protocol doesn't let you have this information other than by continously polling the stream status, and even then you may miss out on some short exfiltration going on. remoTor lets you have this information and even lets you study it later rather than having to keep your eyes on the control console all the time.

Also, a person at the remoTor console can now interact with the people in the chatroom using the built-in chat. No PSYC software is complete if it isn't also a chat client. You can also forward the hostname monitoring information to that chatroom, or simply use a 'psyclisten' if you don't like to install an entire psyced server. psyclisten is provided with the perlpsyc library.

remoTor and psycion now have their own web pages generated out of perldoc: http://perlpsyc.cheettyiapsyciew.onion/remotor http://perlpsyc.cheettyiapsyciew.onion/psycion

=== 2016-06-21 ===

Enhancements and fixes in remotor and psycion.

=== 2016-06-12 === Net::PSYC 1.0 ===

The perlpsyc implementation has proven stable for years. The development of remotor has shown how powerful, reliable and easy to use it is. A bump up of the version to 1.0 was overdue, although the code is unchanged.

=== 2016-06-12 === New tool remoTor ===

Hi there. Here's a fine new little console-based perl script that lets you control your Tor, monitor circuits as they happen, issue commands like changing your identity etc, and forward critical events to a chatroom using the PSYC protocol.

I found vidalia too heavy and arm too confusing and didn't see a simple tool that would leverage the Tor control protocol without excessive nuisances, just a bit of noise reduction and text coloring. Also I like notifications to show in my chat client.

The notification feature works with a psyced running on the same host. I just committed a "remotor" chatroom which is preset to receive messages from the tool, all you need to do is install psyced and use your IRC client to join #remotor.

For a quick little glimpse into the perl script, click

If anyone is interested, I can easily add the ability to control the Tor node from the chatroom.