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syslog2psyc - a daemon that forwards syslog events to a PSYC entity


 syslog2psyc <target> [<pipe>]

<target> is a PSYC uniform to send syslog notices to. <pipe> is a non-standard path to the syslog2psyc fifo


First set up a pipe where we can get syslog events from:

        mkfifo /dev/syslog2psyc
        chown <user> /dev/syslog2psyc

Then configure /dev/syslog2psyc as the destination for syslog messages. In syslog-ng.conf it may look like this:

        destination psyc { pipe("/dev/syslog2psyc"); };
        log { source(src); destination(psyc); };

In syslog.conf it may look like this:

        *.warn;*.err                    |/dev/syslog2psyc

Finally run this script as <user>. You may later want to refine the type of messages that are forwarded to you.

If you don't own an always running PSYC server yet, visit The psyced LPC sandbox runtime has a syslog.c ready to use in the place/ folder. It is reachable at psyc://localhost/\@syslog while your PSYC client can enter it by means of /subscribe syslog.


As long as Net::PSYC does not provide any encryption, you should use this within a trustworthy local network or as a localhost service.


carlo von lynX.


This program is free software, published under the Affero GNU Public License. A disclaimer isn't necessary in my country, nor do I need to mention the current year to assert a copyright.

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